The WEEK of Argentine Beef  [VIDEO]

The Argentine Beef Promotion Institute is partnering with exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles to bring you the chance to try one of the best products in the world. During the Week of Argentine Beef, the following participating restaurants will include special dishes created with flavorful, sustainably-produced beef imported from Argentina. Created by industry veterans Pablo Buffagni – Creative Director / Head Chef at BBQ Agency, Roxanna Lissa – PR Director / Blue PR and Lalo Wakefield – Content Director/Big Bite Marketers.

The campaign was created to promote The Week of Argentine Beef in Los Angeles. The client Argentine Beef Promotion Institute –IPCVA by its acronym in Spanish assigned BBQ Agency to create an image for the brand and use promote B2B channels to reach their target audience. The Week of Argentine Beef is also part of a PR campaign along with Roxana Lisa’s agency Blue PR.

Following the spectacular World Cup Championship win by Argentina, the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute announced its plan for the Week of Argentine Beef partnership with Los Angeles restaurants during the month of March.

Participating restaurants include SUR Restaurant & Lounge (famous from the Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules”), Bodega Malbec Argentinean Grill (a renowned Argentine restaurant in Los Angeles with an Argentine owner and Argentine chef), and Amarone Kitchen & Wine (one of Trip Advisor’s top 10% restaurants rated worldwide) with its newly open sister restaurant, Amarone Kitchen & Bar. All will showcase the distinct and delicious taste of Argentine Beef as menu specials during the promotion, using cuts including tenderloin, rib eye, skirt, and New York strip.

“There are many restaurants in the U.S, that carry Argentine beef including Novecento in Miami, Bodega Sur in Chicago, Buenos Aires Café in Austin, Chico Malo in Arizona, Patagonia Grill in Houston, and Buenos Aires restaurant in New York City”, said the President of the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute, Juan José Grigera Naón. “We hope that many more restaurants welcome the opportunity to showcase our premium beef to chefs and their customers.”

Argentine Beef is known for its great taste, tenderness, quality of its cattle, and sustainable cattle-raising practices. The beef is naturally delicious, as its cattle are raised in vast pastures where the cattle run free and are primarily grass-fed. Argentine beef is produced without anabolics or growth hormones, and the use of fertilizers and agrochemicals is practically nil. This makes Argentine beef one of the world’s finest exports and food products, with a renowned global reputation.


  • BBQ Agency – Creative Directo and CW – Pablo Buffagni
  • Blue PR – PR Director – Roxanna Lisa
  • Big Bite Marketer  – Content Director – Halo Wakefield
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