There’s Still One Way Paper Beats Digital

Despite Americans’ broad embrace of smartphones, mobile coupon usage has not become as widely and commonly used as might be expected.

According to eMarketer’s most recent estimates, only about half of all mobile device users in the US have redeemed a mobile coupon even once in the past year.

While the number of US mobile coupon users is expected to increase 10.2% to total 123.0 million this year, modest growth is projected in the coming years.

Meanwhile, paper coupons are still far more commonly used. “Paper coupons are still the way people want to get coupons—even among internet users,” said eMarketer analyst Patricia Orsini.

October 2016 data from AYTM Market Research found that almost 80% of US internet users polled use paper coupons—while far lower percentages use digital coupon codes, mobile app coupons and other types of coupons.

In the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers,” Patricia Orsini talks about mobile coupon usage with host Marcus Johnson.

Courtesy of eMarketer


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