Tirando los Caracoles (sea shell readings).

    Lay-offs are a necessary element in business.

Especially in this environment.  US Hispanic advertising, marketing and media industries are no exception.

We have enjoyed a safe ride for many decades as an Industry.

There is no shame for a company trying to survive the current economic environment and there should be no shame for those laid off.

Does it hurt.   ¡Por supuesto!    On both sides.

We have done it, they have done it and more could do it to ensure that advertising agencies, media companies and businesses related to our Industry continue to survive and will be able to prosper once there is more clarity & opportunity for growth in the economic environment.

Survivability of a company is primary to ensure that business can be conducted for employees, clients and shareholders alike.

If you own your own company or work for one Plan B and Plan C have already been implemented in this environment, you should already have a Plan D, Plan E and possibly Plan F ready to implement for the company and/or yourself if required.

It is not personal – it is business.  ¡Punto!

Do not be naive and ignorant.

‘Hay que Tirar los Caracoles’ continuosly (sea shell readings).

How else do you think executives better understand the future for their businesses?

Gene Bryan

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