TOP 10 Reasons the Grammys Dropped Best Tejano Album Category.

Tejano music artists keep it real, even as The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences skips a beat.  By Al Carlos Hernandez – Contributing Editor 10. They want to concentrate on the profane obscene no talented members of society. 9. Emilio Estefan couldn’t find a way to rig it. 8. The second-rate Latin Grammys killed the real Grammys for U.S. Latinos. 7. If Tejano music was sung in English, it could win in most Country music categories. 6. There were only ten submissions last year, you need 25. 5. Little Joe Hernandez ran out of thank you speeches. 4. It will be replaced by the Best Regional Mexican or Tejano Album category, so non-Americans will win every year from now on. 3. Texas is a beautiful place; Tejanos are a beautiful race… 2. The Grammy committee is made up of Las Vegas/New Jersey boxing judges. 1. La Onda Chicana is not about Grammys, its about ganas. Courtesy of

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