Top 25% of ads are 2.5 X more likely to engage users.

Research by MediaMind reveals that users are 2.5 times more likely to engage with ads that performed in the top 25%, with a Dwell Rate of 16%, as compared to ads in the Benchmark average. The bottom 25% of ads achieves a Dwell Rate of only 1%.

In its research, which analyzed the performance of over 300,000 rich media ads with over one hundred billion impressions worldwide, MediaMind identified seven best practices that can help advertisers create smarter ads in order to boost campaign performance. These best practices include adding video to the banner, specifically auto-initiated video, matching the ad with the site’s content, and using Synched Ads.

”Beyond providing our clients with the latest numbers to benchmark campaign performance, MediaMind is committed to helping advertisers make the most of digital advertising,” said Gal Trifon, General Manager of MediaMind and Chief Digital Officer of DG. “The promising news is that by leveraging best practices and the most advanced technology; almost any advertiser can implement techniques to help them drive better performance and engagement.”

Some of the more remarkable research findings relate to the power of technology in boosting campaign performance. The research shows that Dynamic Creative Optimization, a technique that uses artificial intelligence to serve only the most effective creative, can significantly boost engagement. Also, buying media on exchanges to increase campaign reach can dramatically improve ROI.

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