Top Travel Destinations among U.S. Hispanic.

Orlando, Miami, and New York were among the top 10 destinations for Hispanic travelers last year, according to 2012 booking data from

Offering an array of family activities for children and adults that make it an appealing destination for multi-generation trips, Orlando saw the most bookings among U.S. Hispanic travelers via the Spanish language website. Hispanic travelers are also more likely to visit theme parks – a category in which Orlando reigns supreme – according to Mandala Research.

Family travel also represented a significant trend among U.S. Hispanic travelers according to With a 70 percent Hispanic share of the city’s total population that trumps all other U.S. destinations on the list, Miami was the second most booked destination on the Spanish language site. Orlando and Miami were followed by New York and Las Vegas – all of which have large Hispanic communities that compose more than a quarter of the residents in each city according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

“The emerging Hispanic market is expected to wield up to $1.5 trillion in spending power by 2015, which represents a significant opportunity for the rebounding U.S. travel industry,” said Victor Owens, vice president and general manager, North America. “We’ve made a concentrated effort to better connect with our U.S. Hispanic customers, becoming the only hotel booking site to launch a Spanish language site for the U.S. Hispanic population and creating a targeted Spanish TV advertising campaign. We’re eager to continue fostering the relationship we have with this important demographic.”

While New York – the most expensive city in the U.S. according to the– was a top-three destination in terms of bookings to Manhattan properties, the greater New York City area represented the 19th most frequented destination for Hispanics. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Santiago, Chile represented the only international destinations on the top 10 list. Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and San Antonio filled out the remainder of the list.

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