Total U.S. Radio Listening.

A release from Arbitron Inc. reported on the release of its Fall 2001 RADAR radio network audience report covering the 12-month period of October 11, 2000 to October 16, 2001. According to the listening estimates compiled by RADAR (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research), 76.7 percent of U.S. consumers ages 12+ and 76.2 percent 18+ heard one or more network radio commercials in the course of a week. Among the prime audience demographics sought by advertisers, the commercials aired on the 31 radio networks reached:

– 78.6% persons 12-34
– 76.7% adults 18-24
– 77.6% adults 18-34
– 79.2% adults 25-54

In addition, network radio reached upper-income adults.

– 91.6% of adults 18+ in households earning $70,000 or more are in the network radio audience each week.
– 76.5% of working women and 79.1% of adults with a college degree heard network radio commercials.

The findings in the report indicate that over the course of a typical week:

– Radio reached 99% of persons 12+ living in households with an income of $50,000 or more.

– Radio reached only 90% of persons 12+ living in households with an income of $30,000 or less.

– 97% percent of college grads listened to radio,

– Only 94% of people who did not go to college listened to radio.

– Over the course of a week, radio reaches more the 225 million people

– more than 188 million people, tune to radio on Saturday or Sunday.

Morning drive (Monday-Friday, 6-10:00 a.m.) is considered prime time for radio, reaching 193,185,000 persons.

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