Toyota, T-Mobile and L’Oréal on Mundofox.

MundoFox announced that it has already secured L’Oréal USA, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. and T-Mobile USA as major advertisers and charter sponsors for the network’s debut.

“MundoFox wants to challenge and revolutionize the status quo by giving media buyers and advertisers more innovative options,” said Tom Maney, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales, Fox Hispanic Media. “Smart marketers believe there is a new Latino mindset. They are asking for more choices and they will be given just that from MundoFox.”

Advertisers with MundoFox will also enjoy the benefits of cross-promotion with the other networks within the Fox Hispanic Media portfolio, such as Utilísima, Nat Geo Mundo and FOX Deportes.

“This exclusive partnership with MundoFox is extremely important for our consumer products brands,” stated Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA. “It furthers our strategy of reaching Hispanic consumers while providing us with a new platform on which to share relevant content that resonates with this important group.”

Likewise, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. and T-Mobile USA seized this new opportunity to partner with a game changer like MundoFox. “The launch of MundoFox greatly expands the options for consumers to experience quality Spanish content and represents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to take part in delivering that content,” said Brett Dennis, Chief Media Communications Officer of Conill, the multicultural advertising agency representing Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. and

T-Mobile USA. “Our clients compete in fiercely aggressive categories and we are constantly looking for ways to engage people that go beyond simple air-time. MundoFox’s programming strategy, innovative approach to creating advertising within that content and geographic penetration at launch were the overarching factors in bringing our clients on board as charter partners.”

MundoFox’s first paid spot will go to yet another of its charter sponsors – 20th Century Fox – who will air the trailer of their upcoming September release “Won’t Back Down.”

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