Tr3 to premier Ultimo Año.

Tr3 announced the premier of its third young adult novela “Ultimo Año”. The new psychological thriller introduces complex characters and storylines that reflect the high school experience among today’s youth. In an effort to strengthen its relevancy, the network partnered with entertainment-education experts Population Media Center to help integrate influential messaging into the dialogue and creative with the intention of introducing characters who evolve into role models for viewers. The new daily format will address the consequent realities of unprotected sex, peer-pressure, STDs, domestic violence and cyber bullying, among other social issues. “Ultimo Año” premiers Monday thru Friday, at 6pm EST.

“Ultimo Año” is set in the world of high school adolescence. Martin, an apparently ideal teenager, arrives at an elite school as part of a student exchange program. He lives with Benjamin, a popular kid who takes him under his wing and soon the two become best friend. And then they both fall in love with the same girl. And mistrust develops, when a conniving Martin steals Benjamin’s friends, his popularity and his entire life. Faced with disbelief from family and friends, Benjamin begins to wage a solitary battle at unmasking the real Martin. The 70-episode novela is produced by Argos Productions in Mexico and stars Mauricio Hénao (Columbian), Kendra Santa Cruz (Mexican), Martín Barba (Mexican), and Iliana Gomez (Mexican).

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