Tr3s premieres novela ‘Bienvenida Realidad’.

Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas premieres the newly acquired Mexican novela Bienvenida Realidad, as part of its prime time line-up. The young-adult novela casts a multigenerational ensemble of high school seniors, teachers and parents, who journey through the pressures and intolerances of adolescence including bullying, homosexuality, drugs, pregnancy and STDs. The Spanish-language import drew in an astounding 10 million viewers in Mexico on the nationally syndicated Cadena Tres before heading to the US. Bienvenida Realidad premieres Monday thru Friday at 8pm (EST) starting March 19th on Tr3s.

“Bienvenida Realidad’s phenomenal success in Latin America will definitely translate with US Hispanic audiences thanks to its raw and rebellious nature,” said Charlie Singer, SVP of Content and Creative for Tr3s. “We’re thrilled to bring this innovative and authentic series to our viewers on Tr3s.”

Set in a conventional prep school in a popular neighborhood, the novela depicts a raw mosaic of today’s high-school students, and their relationships with their dysfunctional families and troubled professors. The novela’s defiant cast of diverse social classes includes cliques of actors, musicians, jocks and geeks made up of Dario, Mariana, Santiago and Lucia, who face rejection from their peers.

Bienvenida Realidad is a property of Cadena Tres, Argos Communications and Sony Pictures Television in Mexico.

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