Tremendous Opportunity for Marketers to reach U.S. Hispanics through Digital Channels. [REPORT]

Sparked by a combination of high confidence in the economy and significant life events, Hispanic consumers are not only making their mark with major purchases, but are also strongly engaged in online and mobile activity, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) “Digital Hispanic Consumer” report, based on data from BIGinsight™. The findings point to considerable opportunities for marketers to reach this valuable audience through digital advertising channels.

The IAB report measured the digital footprint of Latino consumers in the interactive marketplace, and showed heavier activity in e-commerce, social engagement and media consumption when compared to average users. The top five online activities for Hispanics include:

Shopping (46% of Hispanics vs. 43% general population)

Reading and posting movie reviews (36% of Hispanics vs. 28% general population)

Downloading music and videos (31% of Hispanics vs. 25% general population)

Socializing online (29% of Hispanics – equal to general population)

Watching TV shows online (28% of Hispanics vs. 24% general population)

Of particular interest to brand marketers looking to reach a critical subset of the population, the IAB analysis shows that Hispanics in the U.S. view more digital and mobile videos. Latino consumers are more likely to:

Subscribe to paid online video services (55% of Hispanics vs. 43% general population)

Pay attention to video pre-roll advertising (58% of Hispanics vs. 54% general population)

Watch videos on a mobile device (46% of Hispanics vs. 35% general population)

The analysis shows that when Hispanic consumers go online, they are more likely than average users to do so via a mobile device, with more Hispanics owning an iPhone than the general population (27% vs. 20%), an Android (34% vs. 26%), or an iPad tablet (21% vs. 16%). Given this data, the report unsurprisingly finds Hispanic users to be less likely to own a desktop (40%) compared to general consumers (48%).

“Hispanic consumers are living their lives on-the-go and lean on their mobile devices accordingly,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, BIGinsight. “Brand leaders would be well-served to recognize the economic power of the Hispanic community and harness their appetite for goods, services and online content – especially via mobile devices.”

“It comes as no surprise that Hispanics, like a good deal of the rest of the American population, are tethered to their mobile devices, which are changing their lives and media consumption patterns,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB.

Just as important, the report reveals that more than half of all surveyed Hispanic consumers (54%) are currently confident about the U.S. economy, compared with 34 percent among the general population. When asked to explain their elevated level of economic confidence, respondents said that the number one reason was a strong trust in the stability of the national economy, followed by trust that their family will have a better future.

These degrees of confidence and trust in the economy among Hispanic consumers run parallel to significant “life events” that are expected among the adult (18+ years) Latino population in the U.S., including:

Marriage (7% of Hispanic consumers vs. 4% of the general population)

Self or child starting college (11% of Hispanic consumers vs. 8% of the general population)

Expecting a baby (6% of Hispanic consumers vs. 3% of the general population)

The convergence of faith in the economy and the expectation of major life changes are in turn underpinning a notable purchasing trend among Hispanic consumers, the IAB analysis shows. In the next six months, Hispanic respondents in the report are more likely to purchase the following, compared to the general population:

A house (more likely by 41%)

A mobile device (more likely by 37%)

Baby items (more likely by 37%)

Furniture (more likely by 29%)

An automobile (more likely by 28%)

“As the general election approaches, we’ve often heard about the growing importance and influence of the Hispanic vote,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “This report tells an underappreciated story – that Hispanic consumers are already having a potent economic impact in the American marketplace and that they are already in the vanguard of digital media and device usage.

Also vital for brand marketers, language plays a role in the media that Latinos consume. The findings show that the Hispanic respondents in the survey were bilingual English-dominant, with 75 percent speaking English more than half of the time at home. However, more than half (54%) of those surveyed said that they consistently engage with Spanish-language media.

“Digital Hispanic Consumer” includes intelligence from the Media Behaviors & Influence™ Study which polls some 25,000 respondents twice a year, The report is the second in an ongoing series of consumer research studies that IAB is producing in conjunction with BIGinsight; the most recent was “Consumer Travel & The Media.”

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