TripAdvisor powers starMedia’s Travel Channel and Pages.

starMedia announced that TripAdvisor would be powering its travel channel with user-generated content. Through the partnership, starMedia will display reviews and opinions of TripAdvisor travelers to feature the best destinations in Latin America and offer great information about destinations worldwide.

The partnership will allow people on starMedia’s travel pages to explore and discover the most recommended attractions, hotels and restaurants, in their destination of choice. TripAdvisor content will provide inspiration for users at all stages of the travel planning process. The integration also offers hotel price checking capability, connecting to other TripAdvisor partners where users can make their reservations.

Renan Rubert, Senior Partnerships Manager at TripAdvisor said: ‘We are delighted to be powering starMedia’s travel portal and travel pages, providing user-generated content to millions of Latin American travelers. This partnership allows starMedia’s users to see what other travelers have said about hotels, restaurants, attractions and destinations when they are seeking inspiration or making their travel plans.”

“TripAdvisor offers the wisdom of the crowd to our users and helps them plan the perfect trip ” comments Josep Sole, Director of starMedia portal. “Our focus at starMedia is providing the most relevant local content and by accessing user generated content through TripAdvisor, we ensure this.
With this partnership with TripAdvisor, starMedia continues its strategy to bring on board new content partners making its portal an even more attractive destination for our Hispanic communities.”

This partnership is the latest step in starMedia’s plans to redesign its portal to bring a new online experience to Hispanic communities looking for relevant local content, interactive services and social media connectivity.

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