TVnotas recognized with ALPE Award.

Maya Publishing Group announced that Juan Garcia Alejandro, editorial Director of TVnotas USA magazine, received the ALPE award for the annuity 2009-2010, of the hands of the journalist Doraluz Vargas, for the Exclusive of the Year, the publication of the scandalous story of Father Alberto Cutie and his romance with Ruama Canelis, with pictures that went around the world and whose story was publicized in the Hispanic market media, as well as the English speaking media and in countries as far away as Nepal, Belgium and Croatia.

“I thank the members of ALPE for voting for this story. Beyond competence or envy, that journalist colleagues have the good intention of recognizing the work of someone from another medium, talks of real honesty, which is a real incentive for me. Thank you for endorsing our work with this recognition.”

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