UNANIMO DEPORTES celebrates Black History Month

Understanding that multicultural promotions and cause marketing have traditionally focused campaigns on specific groups and established discrete time blocks for activations such as Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month, etc., Unanimo Deportes has taken an inclusive approach to celebrating Black History Month this February, including stories that are often not heard, about Afro-Latino athletes and their unique experiences in being black and Latino. “Afro-Latinos are often not  heard and their rich stories are  rarely  told” said Lino García, President and Founder of Unanimo Deportes. “For example, that of Alejandro ‘Alex’ Pompez owner Negro League team – New York Cuban Stars, who recruited 5 members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, while finishing his career after a much more colorful previous life. Most people have never heard of Alex Pompez, but for stars like Orlando Cepeda and Juan Marichal – both hall of fame members – just like Willie Mays, and other non-Latino African Americans,  he represented the difference between reaching the big leagues or not.”  This need for the Afro-Latin experience to be expressed led Unanimo to use its radio network to conduct interviews last summer, with Latino athletes  such as Hall of Famers – Juan Marichal, Tony Pérez, and the sons of the great Roberto Clemente, to have discussions about the unique experience of being a black Latino in the United States, outside their native countries – Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“With Black History Month: Herencia,  Unanimo Deportes goes beyond interviews to further tell the stories of these and other black Latino athletes who bring together two cultures and two languages in celebration of a more complete and inclusive Black History Month,” Garcia said. 

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