UniMás to premier Los Heroes del Norte.

UniMás announced the broadcast premiere of the hit comedy series “Los Heroes del Norte” (Heroes of the North), featuring the misadventures of five clueless but lovable characters who form a band in their quest for stardom within the world of norteño music. Despite never-ending obstacles, “Zacarías,” interpreted by renowned Mexican actor Miguel Rodarte (Saving Private Perez), and his pals “El Faquir,” “Don Apolinar,” “El Botarga,” and “El Menonita,” eventually find success, showing their fans, and the world, that even the most ordinary of us can become heroes.
UniMás presents the hit series “Los Heroes del Norte,” the comedic story of five regular guys hoping to make it big in the world of norteño music. A chance encounter marks the beginning of the journey for these friends who come together, not necessarily for their common love of music, but rather just to keep their grim lives afloat.
“Don Apolinar” is a gifted oboe player, educated in the most prestigious of conservatories, who loses his job and wife. Sad and lonely, he decides to try his luck up in northern Mexico, forming a band with others like him who have nothing to lose. The men decide to create fake celebrity identities, with the exception of “Zacarías,” who after giving his life to the state’s police force, trades his guns in to live his dream of becoming a star.

Under the direction of “Don Apolinar” (Humberto Busto) on the accordion, “Faquir” (Armando Hernández) on the guitar, “Botarga” (Andrés Almeida) on bass, “Menonita” (Marius Biegai) on drums, and “Zacarías” (Miguel Rodarte) as lead singer, the group begins playing small gigs until a stroke of luck takes them to some of Mexico’s biggest stages. But not before hitting several comedic bumps along the way. Discover the charming story of the self-proclaimed “Beatles of norteño music.”

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