UniMás to premiere ‘Sin Ellas No Hay Paraíso’.

UniMás announced the network’s broadcast premiere of the top-rated Colombian television series “Sin Ellas No Hay Paraíso (Without Them There Is No Paradise), which has captivated fans throughout Latin America. The series chronicles the story of Catalina (María Adelaida Puerta) who is willing to risk everything in order to escape her poverty-stricken surroundings and fulfill her dream of becoming a famous actress.
As a young girl from humble beginnings, Catalina sees her friends prosper thanks to the gifts and social status they receive from drug traffickers in return for sexual favors. Tempted by the lure of a luxurious lifestyle, and to escape the slums of her neighborhood, she travels to Bogotá with her friend Jessica (Sandra Beltrán) and enters the world of her dreams, but at a dangerous cost.

UniMás presents the hit series “Sin Ellas No Hay Paraíso,” starring distinguished Colombian actors María Adelaida Puerta, Sandra Beltrán, Marlon Moreno, Patricia Ércole, Andrés Toro, Fabio Restrepo, and Nicolás Rincón.
Catalina is a young girl who lives in a small village, looking to have a life of luxury and dreaming of becoming a well-known actress. Catalina’s friends convince her that the only way to attract the riches and fame she desires is by enhancing her figure by getting breast implants. After her successful transformation, Catalina is persuaded to offer her sexual favors to powerful men from the shadowy world of drug trafficking. Desperate, she resorts to prostitution and meets Marcial Barrera (César Mora), an extremely powerful Colombian drug lord.
Deeply caught up in the grip of this seamy underworld, the inexperienced Catalina is presented with a proposition by Marcial to travel to Mexico in search of a better life. However, unbeknownst to her, she is being used as a pawn to traffic cocaine in her breast implants from Colombia to Mexico.

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