Univision #1 in prime time – Is it a cause for celebration?

 The week 8/30/10 to 9/5/10, marks the first time in Univision Network’s history that it was #1 in prime time, for an entire week, among Adults 18-49. Moreover, this was the 14th time Univision was #1 in the network’s history, for an entire week, among Adults 18-34.   Univision was the #1 broadcast network among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and Kids 2-11.

Is it a cause for celebration?

¡Por supuesto!

Our entire industry and Univision competitors regardless of their competitive stance consider this an accomplishment and should rejoice at the fact that a Spanish-language TV Network has earned their rightful place amongst US viewers (regardless of language) as being #1 in prime for two consecutive weeks.

Any of Univision’s competitors would like to have the same stats.

I could list all the reasons why we should be happy about this milestone, but if you cannot come up with some of your own, you just don’t get the business side of our Industry.

It legitimizes our strategies, our media, our Industry!

Now, with that said.

I have to point out that we received multiple calls this past weekend from key Industry executives that have pointed out to us that they have been be-friended by a key top Hispanic agency leader (one of the Top in our Industry), according to the person’s Facebook page they highlight Univision’s milestone and comment that this accomplishment signifies that “We are doomed”.


Many other US Hispanic ad agency executives and multiple CLIENTS have access to this Facebook page.

The statement and several post on this executives Facebook page insinuate that Univision being #1 in prime time for two consecutive weeks is not good for the industry.

Several post indicate that because Univision is #1, they will escalate their rates.

People this is good for the Industry.

The more legitimacy we earn, the money we will ALL make.

I am not pitching Univision over any other network and/or media, this is not the intent of this post.

But, let’s not kick ourselves in the ASS!

Many of the executives we spoke with were baffled and astonished by the post and the insinuation coming from such a high level executive where many clients would be exposed to the negative message.

Full Disclosure: We are not linked or be-friended by this person’s Facebook page, but have been red the posting verbatim by multiple executives.

I just do not understand how an executives for either personal and/or professional reasons can only see the negative impact of a very positive milestone for our Industry.  Don’t we have too many negatives obstacle to our growth and recognition without adding to them ourselves?

When clients are exposed to this type of negative dogma, it only hurts our Industry. 

What is the gain?

Any person can have an opinion and make it known, I can respect that.  So, I have submitted mine.

If you don’t agree, I want to hear from you on El Blog Please (appreciate the phone calls supporting some of our views, but the industry needs to hear from you).

Gene Bryan

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