Univision & AMG Strategic Advisor announce partnership on Hispanic Shopper Research.

AMG Strategic Advisors announced its partnership with Univision Communications Inc to create new research on Hispanic shopper trends and how they will continue to impact manufacturers and retailers into the next decade. The partnership brings together AMG Strategic Advisors’ experience as a leader in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries combined with Univision’s success in providing research and counsel to its CPG clients focused on reaching Hispanic consumers. 
Changing demographics in North America continue to change how retailers market to new constituencies. In particular, according to the new report, due to the continued growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S. and the culturally distinct ways in which Hispanic consumers shop and spend, they will have increasing influence on how retailers and manufacturers market their services and products.
“We recognize the changing demographics in the U.S., and as retailers cater to the growing Hispanic community, they will need to modify their strategies and assortment,” said Liz Sanderson, vice president, Brand Solutions at Univision Communications. “This report, and the corresponding webinar on December 11, will help manufacturers and retailers gain a closer understanding of Hispanic consumers, and how they need to adapt their methods to better serve them.”
With data showing that Hispanic buying power will continue to grow significantly, the report underscores the increasing use of technology, digital and social media by Hispanics. The report also notes that Hispanic shoppers are more likely to be optimistic about employment and income in the coming year, and are leaders in leveraging online and interactive tools for planning grocery shopping trips and deciding which specific products to buy.
Elena Etcharren, senior vice president from AMG Strategic Advisors, added: “Our research has shown that Hispanic shoppers rival Millennials and Gen X shoppers in adoption of sophisticated interactive tools and websites. We have also seen that a growing percentage of the demographic use Smartphone apps specifically for grocery shopping and meal planning, a statistic that may significantly impact how successful retailers go about capturing this market.”

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