Univision premiers Lo Que Más Quieres.

The Univision Network announced the premiere of “Lo Que Más Quieres” (Your Biggest Dream), a new primetime competition in which emotions count as much as talent in determining the outcome. The weekly two-hour show will debut on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. Central), and will mark the first time that Univision debuts a program simultaneously with Televisa in Mexico.

Hosted by renowned Mexican actress and singer Daniela Romo, “Lo Que Más Quieres,” unlike other “traditional” talent shows, will feature five teams competing in front of two sets of judges to determine a winner every week: first, the “Emotional Judges” –composed of famous TV hosts Adal Ramones, Galilea Montijo, and Marco Antonio Regil– followed by the “Talent Judges,” music stars Lupita D’Alessio and Susana Zabaleta.
This unique competition plays out in four phases:

Phase 1 – Team Round

The five teams present their life stories through videos in which they reveal their Biggest Dream and the reasons why they feel it should be granted.  The “Emotional Judges” evaluate these touching stories and then judge the contestants’ singing performances. At the end of Phase 1, the judges award three keys to the groups that impressed them the most, eliminating two teams.
Phase 2 – Solo Round

Each team chooses one member to sing solo for the “Talent Judges” and be evaluated on the basis of skill and quality of performance. The two soloists deemed to be the best receive keys, thus eliminating another team.
Phase 3 – Final Round

The two remaining teams perform again for both panels of judges, who will award a key to their favorite, even if they choose the same team.
Phase 4 – Destiny’s Door

With only luck as their final judge, the finalists try their keys on “Destiny’s Door” and, if the door opens, viewers will share in the winning team’s joy and excitement as their biggest wish comes true. 
“We’re thrilled to bring viewers this emotionally-charged, heartwarming competition that delivers great entertainment with a musical component, which we know our audience loves,” said Alberto Ciurana, president of Programming and Content, Univision Networks. “The overwhelming success of other Univision Sunday night talent competitions like ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ and ‘¡Mira Quién Baila!’ leads us to believe that ‘Lo Que Más Quieres’ will be a surefire hit. We’re also proud to announce the simultaneous debut of this show on both Univision in the U.S. and Televisa in Mexico, a first for both networks and a result of the consolidation of our unparalleled programming partnership.”
Premiering on January 27, the first season of “Lo Que Más Quieres” will air on the Univision Network every Sunday night.

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