Univision Radio partners with Marketron to drive next generation of Media Management.

Marketron announced that Univision Radio has extended its agreement with the company. Univision Radio will begin to use Marketron’s Mediascape platform, integrating it across it 69 stations in the United States to increase efficiencies and enhance its ability to turn corporate data and operations into an increased revenue engine.

“The expanded services of the Mediascape platform across Univision Radio’s stations, exemplifies the strength of Marketron’s relationships with its customers—and in this case, one that has existed for nearly three decades,” said Jeff Haley, CEO and President of Marketron. “Marketron continues its commitment to providing the leading technology to its customers and the media industry, in order to facilitate accretive advertising spends.”

The Mediascape platform is a next generation traffic platform composed of a suite of solutions and components to simplify the vital operations of media companies, and continues to transform the industry. By employing this leading technology platform, companies like Univision Radio are able to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and drive greater advertising revenue.

“Marketron has been a strategic partner of Univision Radio and as we continue to incorporate new sources of digital revenue into our strategy, it is becoming more important than ever to have a way to track all revenue types,” said Jose Valle, President of Univision Radio. “Mediascape is a critical tool needed to deliver on this strategy.”

Univision Radio will employ the Insight Reporting capability across all of its stations to standardize data, create more visibility and provide consistent cross-platform reporting across markets. It will also incorporate the Triton Digital functionality in order to track digital streaming to improve execution, reporting and visibility.

In addition, Univision Radio will replace its existing client notification technology with Proof of Performance services, which give enhanced, automated reporting capabilities and help advertisers make more informed decisions. By adopting the open platform, Univision Radio will standardize operations across the organization, its networks and stations, saving significant expenses and strengthening its relationships with advertisers and partners.

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