Univision is right and you Mr. Goetz are an Idiot.

    Just read an article by David Goetz on a MediaPost blog titled “Univision Self-Serving With Presidential Debate Lobbying” regarding a letter sent by Univision CEO Randy Falco to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

According to Mr. Goetz, Mr. Falco stated to the CPD that he “laments that the moderators selected for the debates this fall won’t give Hispanics a “voice.” He writes that 20 million-plus Hispanics may vote, and it’s “important that they make an informed decision.”

Mr. Goetz suggest that “ It would have been impressive if Falco had built a coalition to augment his CPB lobbying by getting executives at Telemundo and other Hispanic broadcasters to join him. The fledgling MundoFox and Azteca America also have news operations.  Instead, his efforts appear to be all about raising the profile of Univision.”

Mr. Goetz if you and/or the CPD understood the demographics of this country there would not have been a need for a coalition for creating inclusion of a Hispanic journalist in the Presidential Debates; it would have been done as a matter of knowledge and a journalist(s) could have been selected from our many media outlets serving the 50+ US Hispanic Consumers.

Your point would have not been an issue if the CPD had done the right thing from the beginning.  Kudos to Mr. Falco for calling the CPD out.

Mr. Goetz, if you need to reach me, call me at 1-800-URanIdiot

Eugenio (Gene) Bryan

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