Univision unveils new Media Centers

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) unveiled five new Univision Media Centers at middle schools in Austin, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Oakland. As a part of the Company’s mission, each Univision Media Center will empower a new generation with access to tools and technology for Latino students to pursue careers in the media industry in the United States.

“Univision understands and embraces the importance of multiculturalism in this ever-changing industry and increasingly diverse society. Since our Company began operations more than 60 years ago, Univision is driven by its mission to give a voice to the Hispanic community,” said Randy Falco, president and CEO, UCI. “With the launch of new Univision Media Centers across the country, we are proud to directly impact the communities we serve; committed to creating and increasing opportunities and diversity in media and technology, where Latinos are still severely underrepresented.”

Univision Media Centers aim to provide students with experience in production and editing equipment in addition to receiving training from media professionals at UCI. Curriculum is tailored to the students for use in the classroom which will include programs utilizing the donated equipment for a hands on experience.

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