Unsigned e-mails blasting our companies or people in our Industry.

    Last year I posted a similar topic regarding a coward e-mailer sending information to key US Hispanic advertising, marketing and media people regarding one of our professionals in the Industry.

It seems we have another COWARD of an e-mailer doing the same at one of our media companies.  The company or person attacked are not important, but the act is UNACCEPTABLE.

I am not defending the people or companies that are being pinpointed by these cowardly act, since I might have my own issues with them.

But they are aware of my issues upfront and center.

I DO have a beef when a coward hides behind an alias e-mail and attempts character assassination.

Grow Up you Coward!

If you have a problem, disagree with the person or policies do one of the following:

1 – Quit.

2- Address the issue directly and expect challenges.  There is honor in this approach.

3- Shut-up and look for a new job.

4- Accept the person, the policies and hope for changes.

To those that stand by as recipients of the e-mails, you are just as guilty if you know who the person is that sent the e-mail attempting to assassinate the character of an individual or company and do not address them on their COWARDLY ACT.

You should advise them that their Cowardly Act hurts all of us.  Blow the whistle on them I would if I knew who it was that did it.

Gene Bryan

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