Updated Guidelines for Agency Search [GUIDELINES]

  The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and 4A’s announced new guidelines to help agencies and clients improve their productivity in the agency search process. 


These guidelines were developed to address the rapidly changing dynamics of the agency-advertiser marketplace. They provide insight on each phase of the agency selection process, as well as tips for successfully completing each phase.

“Marketers are strongly encouraged to take the time to provide proper and detailed briefing guidance throughout the agency selection process or otherwise risk a ‘garbage in, garbage out’ result,” said Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President of the ANA.

Highlights from the updated guidelines include:

The new business process / agency search is more productive for both agencies and advertisers when specific best practice guidance tools around the subject of briefings throughout the review process are developed
Every phase of a review requires a brief for the agency
As the review progresses, marketers should escalate the information that they provide to the agency participants and clarify the learning and capabilities expected
At each review phase, expand the interaction between the client and agency teams
Agency reviews are costly and time-consuming for marketers and agencies. All parties benefit from structuring efficient and relevant briefing practices
Best practice briefing practices enhance the likelihood of selecting an appropriate and culturally compatible marketing partner

“Agency selection is an important strategic investment for both agencies and marketers,” said Tom Finneran EVP, Agency Management Services of 4A’s. “Comprehensive briefings lead to a better informed agency-client selection decision in which cultural compatibility plays a big part. The ANA / 4A’s briefing guidance is essential to the selection process because it provides actionable tools for clients and agency teams to use at each phase of the review.”

To download guidelines CLICK HERE.



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