uSamp announces Hispanic Panel for gaining Consumer Insights

uSamp introduced its proprietary Hispanic panel. The new panel debuts with more than 100,000 members – the result of creative and effective recruitment efforts – and complements uSamp’s global panel of some 7.5 million respondents.

“We recognized opportunities in the Hispanic market early on,” said Gregg Lavin, uSamp co-founder and President. “We’ve anticipated the demand, and have carefully built our Hispanic panel to deliver actionable insights to businesses that want to compete successfully in that market. We work continuously to be able to deliver segmented audiences to meet our clients’ needs.” (For more from Lavin, please see

In developing its Hispanic panel, uSamp studied media consumption trends in the Hispanic market, to determine where panelists are located and how best to reach them via both traditional and new media channels. According to Vivian Acosta, Senior Manager, Multicultural Insights, at uSamp, “Using a variety of rigorous recruitment strategies, we provide the highest quality — and most truly representative — U.S. Hispanic populations for our clients. We enlist national media, online, mobile, social media channels and partnerships to ensure the highest quality and large, representative sample.

“Our business runs on being able to identify and optimize niche markets,” Acosta said. “For example, the distinction between acculturated Hispanics, who are largely assimilated, and unacculturated Hispanics is recognized as an increasingly important demographic variable, on par with such factors as age, occupation and location.

“By building and managing our own proprietary rewards engine, uSamp efficiently ensures that our panelists have the best experience,” she added. Panel members have the option to fully customize their account, specifying language preference and email invitation frequency, and can begin the registration process from their mobile devices.

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