The USH idea awards. Recognizing surviving baby zebras since 2012.

By Mauricio Galvan / d exposito & partners.

Imagine a beautiful new born baby zebra. Cute as hell. Picture her learning to stand up and she takes her first steps on a long journey towards greener pastures. There she goes. But this journey will not be easy, no sir. The baby zebra needs to avoid getting stampeded every time the herd wants to go in a different direction all of a sudden.

If she survives that, she then has to outsmart the hunters. Sometimes she has to camouflage or pretend to be something else, giving up her real self just to stay alive.

Then come months of dryness, in which she has to walk for miles without having a drop of water, fueled only by the idea of what it could be if she makes it through one more day.

Let’s go crazy and assume that she is still alive. She still has to face herds of hungry lions that would eat their own mothers if needed. Our little baby zebra has to run faster than some of the fastest animals on the planet. Poor baby, it’s not looking good for you.

But what if she makes it home? What if even with all the odds against her, with the constant change of direction from her own herd, the angry hunters, the harsh dryness, the hungry lions she makes it home?

She deserves an award.

Great ideas are like baby zebras. Extremely few make it all the way home unharmed being true to themselves.

The job of a good jury is to separate the surviving baby zebras from all the other animals. Because, a lot of baby animals survive and make it home. But they are nowhere near as cute as a baby zebra.

Can’t wait to see some baby zebras Tuesday night at the USH idea awards ceremony. That’s always inspiring.

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