Utilísima brings new and ‘spicy’ programming.

Utilísima will introduce new shows such as ¿Qué piensan los hombres? and “AQUILES EN HOUSTON” and brings back some its popular shows such as “SAZÓN CON LORENA” and “TIENDA DE DISEÑO” for a new season.

On Wednesday, June 6, the new season of “SAZÓN CON LORENA” premieres on Utilísima. Lorena García, an internationally-renowned chef from Venezuela will delight guests and viewers with exquisite recipes. With her signature grace, she will introduce viewers with an array of flavors from the Caribbean. Some of the themes for this second season include budget-friendly tips to adjust menus as well as practical solutions to eating well and healthy. Throughout the show, Lorena will also stress the importance of healthy nutrition–especially for the littlest members of the family.

On Sunday, June 10, Utilísima will bring viewers a new reality show called “AQUILES EN HOUSTON.” In this show, chef Aquiles Chávez embarks on a new enterprise that will completely change his life. Aquiles is in pursuit of his dream: to create his own Mexican seafood restaurant, “La Fishería,” a new eatery in Houston, TX. However, he won’t be going alone–his entire family will be joining him on this new adventure! This journey will be the beginning of a new life, in a different place, far from his roots, and will test Aquiles and his family’s ability to survive and adapt to a new way of life.

While “AQUILES EN HOUSTON” presents the story of the Chávez family, it also showcases the obstacles that a Latino family must endure and the gamble that is necessary when deciding to leave their native land and move to a new country. Throughout the series, Aquiles shares his most intimate thoughts and experience doing what he loves most: cooking and raising his family, while also managing his own business in a different country and getting his family to adapt to a new lifestyle. “Leaving Mexico does not mean abandoning my traditions; I take those with me. That’s what it’s all about, taking a little bit of Mexico with us to the U.S. and making the U.S. our home,” said the Chef.

On Monday, June 11, viewers will get their design fix with Maggie Hegyi as she presents the new season of “TIENDA DE DISEÑO”. Mexican-born Maggie Hegyi and her group of expert designers teach viewers to make unique objects to decorate their homes. Painting, paper-maché, jewelry, stained glass and recycling objects are just a few of the unique techniques Maggie will present. The experts who make up the design team include Rodolfo Carrillo Baché (glass-fusion), Jesús Escalona Zamudio (recycling), Alejandro Ramírez Torres (aerography), Simona Capasso (modeling), Teresa Roldán (mosaics and stained glass), Jesús Saldivar (painting), Anabel Velázquez Ruiz (mixed media), Cynthia Serrano (jewelry) and Rosa Elena Machuca Bran (mixed media).

On Sunday, June 24, Araceli González debuts on Utilísima with a new Fox Toma 1 original production that is especially tailored to her. In “Qué piensan los hombres?,” this renowned Argentinian actress, model and businesswoman will interview the most important personalities from the world of sports and show business to seek the answers to the question that lends her show its name. In “¿Qué piensan los hombres?,” actors, athletes, singers, artists and many more open themselves to Araceli during a half-hour chat that will bring male and female viewers fun and entertaining topics. Family, work, love and personal style are just a few of the topics that Araceli will touch upon with her special guests.

“I’m very happy to have this opportunity and look forward to the premiere. I trust that the show will be well-liked and that female viewers will discover hidden facets from their favorite personalities while men will be able to identify fully with our guests,” said Araceli. “Throught the show, I have had the opportunity to spend memorable moments with personalities I highly regard and admire, and the fact that we are able to bring these moments to our fans makes this experience all the more rewarding.”

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