Utilisima debuts inspirational and education content.

Utilísima is going beyond entertainment to bring consumers inspirational and educational content with the third season of Martin Llorens’ “HOLA MARTIN” and “¿QUE PIENSAN LOS HOMBRES?”

On August 6th, renowned fashion, design and lifestyle expert Martin Llorens returns to Utilísima with “HOLA MARTIN” for a season of forty episodes. The thirty-minute episodes will air Monday to Friday at 1pm ET/PT. In each episode, Martin will help Latinas improve their lifestyle and achieve career success by sharing advice on dressing according to body type and how to reach the pinnacle of personal and professional success, as well as provide lifestyle, fashion, beauty and nutrition tips.

This season, “HOLA MARTIN” will be divided into three sections: Body, Mind and Spirit. In each episode, Martin will team-up with a team of specialists who will share their secrets and solutions to achieve harmony and wellness in all aspects of our lives. Luana Hervier the well-known yoga and fitness instructor will show viewers meditation and yoga practices that connect with the world in a very happy and harmonious way. The nutrition section will be guided by the “Boricua” Doreen Colondres, who will share nutritional tips that integrate low fat and organic ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy meals.

In August, one of Utilisima’s newest and most successful shows, “¿QUE PIENSAN LOS HOMBRES?” will reach new heights by bringing viewers top-tier personalities into their living rooms. Every Sunday at 9:00 PM (ET/PT), Araceli Gonzalez will continue to interview some of the most important personalities from the world of sports and show business and seek the answers to the questions that lend her show its name. During the half-hour chat, family, work, love and personal style will be just a few of the topics that Araceli will touch upon with her special guests.

On August 5, Araceli brings viewers an interview with Juan Pablo Montoya, the legendary Colombian NASCAR car driver. During this interview, Juan Pablo will share how a speed-loving man handles his life peacefully when he is at home. On August 12, the Mexican host and, “Por Ella Soy Eva” star, Jaime Camil, tells us what is like to be a ‘woman’. The following week on August 19th, Araceli will bring the ‘hottest’ Colombian actor of the moment, Marlon Moreno, to talk about how he stays true to himself and about his most recent work on “El Capo”.

The month closes with an interview with the renowned Uruguayan football player, Diego ‘Forlán’ Corazo. The soccer star, who received the Golden Ball for best player at the 2010 World Cup, will talk about his passion sports, specifically soccer. He will also share personal details such as how his grandfather and father; who were also soccer players, influenced his career, what is like to be far away from his loved ones and his dream for forming a family.

The United Sates, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Aracely’s Argentina are some of the scenarios that serve as backdrop for “¿QUE PIENSAN LOS HOMBRES?” During each episode, both guests and hostess become involved in a spontaneous conversation that is full of anecdotes and life experiences that take us a little closer to the world of men… and women.

The third season of “Hola Martin” begins on Monday, August 6th at 1:00 PM (ET/PT)

“¿Qué Piensan Los Hombres?” airs every Sunday, at 9:00 PM (ET/PT)

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