Venevision Productions and Univision Studios start production ‘Rosario.

Venevision Productions, a production company of the Cisneros Group of Companies, and Univision Studios marked the beginning of production of their new telenovela “Rosario” with the traditional “claquetazo” (symbolic clapping of the production’s clapperboard), during a launch event that took place Tuesday afternoon, July 31st, inside Studio C of Venevision Studios’ state-of-the-art facilities in Miami, Florida.  Attending the event were executives from both companies as well as several members of the cast that is headlined by Guy Ecker and Itahisa Machado.
“We’re very excited about kicking off another excellent production like ‘Rosario’ will undoubtedly be,” said Luis Fernández, President of Entertainment and Univision Studios.  “We have a great cast, a talented writer, and with our partners at Venevision Productions, we’ll surely make a first-rate product.”
The original story was written by Alex Hadad, the renowned scriptwriter for the acclaimed telenovela “Eva Luna,” which garnered widespread national and international success.  “Rosario” centers on a young woman’s love for the man she never should have fallen for; the love of a man for the woman for whom he swore he could never have feelings; and the inner conflict of a mother who discovers that the man she almost married is now in a romantic relationship with her own daughter.
The enthralling telenovela features a stellar cast that includes Lorena Rojas, Zully Montero, Ezequiel Montalt, Natalia Ramírez, Sandra Itzel, Adrián Di Monte, Zuleyka Rivera, Aarón Díaz, Frances Ondiviela and Scarlet Grouber.  Tina Romero, Alberto Salaberry, Rodrigo Vidal, Carlos Garín, Cristina Mason, Fabiola Barinas, Franklin Vírgüez, Liliana Morillo and Gledys Ibarra complete the list.
A beautiful and intelligent young woman named Rosario (Itahisa Machado) falls in love with her boss, Alejandro Montalbán (Guy Ecker), a prominent attorney 21 years older than her.  Rosario ignores the fact that Alejandro is the same man to whom her mother, Magdalena (Natalia Ramírez), was engaged 21 years before.  But on their wedding day, Magdalena fainted and Manuel (her father) made Alejandro believe that she was raped by Marcos (Alejandro’s enemy) and was pregnant as a result.  The news of Magdalena’s pregnancy was more than Alejandro could bear; ashamed and convinced that he could never love his enemy’s child, he broke off his relationship with Magdalena.  Ironically, many years later that same child, Rosario, becomes the love of his life.
[Photo caption (left to right): Arquimedes Rivero, Vice President of Dramatics, Venevision Productions;
Peter Tinoco, President & CEO, Venevision Productions; Ed Hernandez, President, Venevision International
Corporation; Guy Ecker; Itahisa Machado; Luis Fernández, President of Entertainment & Univision Studios;
Carlos Sotomayor, General Manager, Dramatic Productions, Univision Studios& Alex Hadad, author of “Rosario”]

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