Vme introduces the Pulseras Rojas (Red Band Society).

Vme premieres the award-winning drama, Pulseras Rojas (Red Band Society), on Monday May 21 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  In this heartwarming coming of age series, the lives of six kids aged 10 to 15 come together in the children’s hospital.  In contrast to the usual hospital series, Pulseras Rojas puts the role of the doctors to one side and shines the spotlight on the day to day lives of the children and treats the subject with both humor and tenderness.
The main characters in Pulseras Rojas are eager to live life to the fullest and bent on overcoming adversity.  Lleó (Àlex Monner) has cancer, has had one leg amputated and turns 15 during the first season.  He has been at the hospital for two years and is the undisputed leader of the group. Jordi (Igor Szpankowski) is Lleó’s 14-year-old second in command who arrives at the hospital for cancer treatment during the first season and also must have a leg amputated.  Cristina (Joana Vilapuig) is the only girl in the “Pulseras” and she suffers from anorexia.  As the handsome one, Ignasi (Mikel Iglesias) is reluctant to join the “Pulseras” at first but after he realizes he will be in the hospital for some time he joins the group.   As the oldest and cleverest of the “Pulseras”, Toni (Marc Balaguer) has Asperger’s syndrome, which makes him seem a bit odd. He arrives at the hospital because of a motorcycle accident.  The show’s narrator, Roc (Nil Cardoner) is in a coma after jumping off a diving board. He has a special relationship with Toni because he can communicate with him despite being in a coma.

Though the young heroes confront similar problems to those of any kids their age, they do so in a setting which charges their private dramas with a special kind of intensity.  Pulseras Rojas shows how the children deal with their lives inside the hospital and how their situation affects the lives of those around them – their families, doctors and friends.
Created by Albert Espinosa and produced by Filmax for Catalonia’s TV3 network, Pulseras Rojas sets a positive tone that gives the viewer a sense of hopefulness and shows the will to live and strength of character of every child. 

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