Vme launches Sea Patrol.

Vme introduces Spanish-speaking US audiences to one of the most anticipated and most expensive dramas ever produced in Australia. Set along Australia’s spectacular Gold Coast, Sea Patrol follows a diverse crew of sailors aboard the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Patrol boat Hammersley, a veritable pressure cooker of emotions, desires and ambitions.

Whether the crew is hunting down dangerous drug smugglers, chasing wicked pirates, or saving hapless seafarers, adventures bring them together to forge longstanding friendships that cross the class and gender divide. Lieutenant Kate McGregor (Lisa McCune), cool, beautiful, reserved, and always a perfectionist, serves as the Executive Officer running from the secrets of her own past. Commanding Officer Mike Flynn (Ian Stenlake) joined the Navy at the age of 17 and worked his way up through the ranks and years ago had a affair with an ambitious student which both wish could be forgotten. Chief Engineer Andy ‘Charge’ Thorpe (John Batchelor), is the oldest and most senior member of the crew and a walking manual and history book — there’s nothing he doesn’t know about diesel engines and the Navy itself.

Amid the action and excitement of their patrols, the crew of the Hammersley finds time for rest and relaxation, often in exotic foreign ports as their camaraderie, loyalty and integrity are tested. The first episode of season one introduces audiences to Bright Island. The island’s many mysteries unfold throughout the season with a thrilling season finale climax.

Sea Patrol was filmed on the Great Barrier Reef and Mission Beach, Far North Queensland and at Warner Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast, QLD and created and produced by Hal McElroy.

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