Vme premieres Piratas.

Vme ’s newest primetime drama complete with love, laughter and mutiny, on Thursday, April 19 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  Set in the eighteenth century and filmed in stunning locations on the Spanish coastline, Piratas charts a course for adventure and misadventure as an unabashed and philandering member of the nobility is forced into a mission to infiltrate the pirate crew of the legendary Captain Bocanegra.

The hunt for priceless riches brings together a motley group of wild characters, heroes and villains. This light-hearted series follows the swashbuckling adventures and madcap exploits of Álvaro Mondego, a privileged member of the noble class as he is captured by the pirates Captain Bocanegra, his beautiful daughter Carmen and crew.  Against a backdrop of spectacular maritime altercations and deadly sword duels and with a bit of humor, these characters take us back to the glory days of the pirate filled high seas.  Filled with gorgeous ships, stinking dungeons, brave rescues, fierce battles and the daring race for riches, Piratas has all the ingredients of a great pirate drama.

Produced by Telecinco with a budget of more than $1 million per episode, Piratas delivers great performances from stars Óscar Jaenada, Pilar Rubio, Silvia Abascal, and Aitor Mazo.

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