Vme TV Network affiliates raise concerns on how sponsors are recognized.

Vme TV Network (VME) is affiliated with public television stations, the network must adhere to certain Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines regulating the ways in which it recognizes sponsors.

Many of Vme’s affiliate stations follow additional guidelines set by Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and adhere to self-imposed additional restrictions on sponsorship that are not required by the FCC and therefore are not required for Vme to follow.

Recently, a few VME affiliate stations have raised concerns about Vme’s broader interpretation of the guidelines. Vme has launched an internal review process addressing the subjective nature of the guidelines and as part of that review, Vme has modified its Standards and Practices process in order to ensure the confidence of the affiliates.

Moreover, the network implemented additional checks of its standards and practices process including reviewing all spots in current inventory.

Vme is now working with its corporate partners to seamlessly blend the creative concepts from existing advertising campaigns with the guidelines for public broadcasting to ensure that they fully comply with the FCC guidelines.

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