Vme Upfront 2012-2013 Programming [UPDATE]

Vme unveiled its 2012-2013 programming line-up to a packed house at the Instituto Cervantes. During the presentation entitled “Be Different. Be You — Vme Television Diferente”

“Vme is a pioneering network universally recognized for the intelligence, innovation and inspiration of its programs and initiatives,” said Alvaro Garnica, Vme’s general manager. “Vme embraces its differences and works to pursue a single goal — serving the Latino community and our partners with incomparable programming and community projects that make an impact in our communities and our world.”

“In today’s landscape, brands are looking for content and properties that they can own and Vme has answered this demand with more entitlement opportunities than any other Spanish-language network,” said Court Stroud, Managing Director of National Sponsorship Sales & Corporate Underwriting. “Beyond the entitlements, Vme’s offer includes display ads, mobile and online content, e-blasts, co-branded research studies, online contests and promotions, microsites, local market activations and creative vignette productions.”

New Original Series – in collaboration with its sister company, Miami-based Plural Entertainment, Vme is introducing several new original shows this season including:
Desaparecidos (Missing) – With more than 500,000 Latinos disappearing each year in the U.S., 70 percent of whom are children, the issue of missing persons demands attention. Building on her personal passion for this issue, author, savvy journalist and program host Marian de la Fuente is collaborating with Vme to use entertainment as a social tool as she hosts this new show that delves into actual cases of missing persons from across the nation and beyond. Desaparecidos is a milestone in Spanish television as the program will air on both radio and television, combining web and printed materials and interacting directly with viewers in order to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find The Missing.

El Dorado – Exotic locales in Peru such as La Puerta del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Los Laberintos de Chavín de Huantar, and Kuelap’s Fortress serve as the backdrop for this thrilling, new reality-adventure series. Competitors battle to complete arduous challenges that are uniquely designed to enhance the history of the location in which players are competing. Watch to see who will win it all and become champions of El Dorado.

Mujeres con Pantalones (Women with Power to Bring Change) – Co-produced with host Marian de la Fuente, Mujeres con Pantalones features powerful women who seek to change things in all corners of the globe and in all walks of life. From politics and media to business and sports, get a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of incredible women who are making an impact not only in their communities, but also in the world at large. Learn from their personal journeys and hear the in-depth details which led to their amazing success. With their eyes relentlessly on the prize, watch as they show the world who truly wears the pants!

Una Vida en Escena (An Actor’s Life) – Ever wonder what the life of an actor is like? In her producing debut, Executive Producer Lorena Rojas works with her friend and mentor, Oscar-nominated actress Adriana Barraza to welcome TV, movie and theater actors, directors, producers and writers into the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami. Through intimate discussions and working footage of her guest, Adriana will delve into the life and work of many of her colleagues including Pedro Almodóvar, Gael García Márquez, Diego Luna, Eduardo Colunga, Andrés García, Lupita Ferrer, Carla Estrada, Sonia Braga, Delia Fiallo and many more.

Entre Páginas (Between the Pages)- Take a trip with acclaimed actor, writer and comedian Orlando Urdaneta into the minds of some of the world’s most captivating authors with today’s hottest literature series, Entre Páginas. Be amazed as the mysteries of characters, plots, and hidden messages within the literary works of these incredible writers become unraveled. Watch exclusive interviews and get to know the fascinating human beings behind the book covers.
Informe Robinson – A compilation of interviews that goes well beyond the famous names and faces in the world of sports to show the heart behind each story and presents a whole new way of viewing the players on the world’s sports stage.

Truly Interactive

Emmy nominated for digital fiction and co-produced with Container Group, Dirígeme (Director’s Cut) is a live-action audiovisual format for entertainment with video game characteristics where the spectator is the scriptwriter. Each episode ends with a cliff-hanger and it is up to the audience to decide which turn the story takes. Ideally created for a 360-platform, Dirígeme is revolutionizing the way fiction is created. This series can be tailor made for any brand, any media and any audience.

Along with new seasons of two of its top dramas, Águila Roja and El Barco, Vme will introduce video games for each of these series to increase the viewer experience. In the game Águila Roja, viewers can join the quest and contract their own soldiers to be part of their team. In the El Barco game, viewers captain their own ship and experience their own adventure with favorite characters from El Barco.

Exploring the World with Vme

Vme’s award-winning travel and nature programming is Spanish television’s most comprehensive with shows like Kalimantan, and Historias de Animales and public television favorites like Naturaleza (Nature), Vme seeks to enlighten viewers about the complexity of the world. Two new travel programs join Vme:

Destinos con 1, 2, 3 (Destination 1,2,3) — Join three lively travelers as they search for three-days of fun and excitement on the streets of the world’s hottest destinations — each seeing their destination through very different perspectives — 1) through the eyes of an adrenaline junkie; 2) through history, art and culture and 3) finding the hottest shopping. They all top off their excursions with a night of good food and nightlife. Enjoy this fast-paced and thrilling series that will have you yearning to explore these timeless locations.

C’est la vie – Each week this half-hour entertainment series travels to exotic places to see the most contemporary pleasures of today. This magazine format show combines beauty, sensuality, and different faces and places in the arts, technology and in the news today.

World-class Drama

Equator — From Portugal to India, Equator is a romantic story of wealth and power, taking place in locales from around the equator in the early 20th century. With twists and turns in each episode, the story will keep viewers hooked until the surprise finale.
Grand Hotel — A ratings winner last year in Spain, this mystery drama is set in the Grand Hotel where each room has its secrets. Only two things are not allowed at the Grand Hotel -errors and lies. When Julio’s sister mysteriously disappears, he takes a job at the Grand Hotel in order to keep up his search and along the way finds true love.

Spanish-language home for world’s top Children’s Programming

With its morning preschool block, Vme Niños, Vme remains the only Hispanic network that dedicates more than four hours a day, six days a week to preschool programming. With the largest slate of preschool programming already on air, Vme is the exclusive Spanish-language home for Plaza Sésamo, Barney™, Bob the Builder™, Angelina Ballerina™ and Thomas & Friends™.

Later this year, Vme will be expanding the reach of its cable channel Vme Kids, America’s first 24-hour Spanish-language educational preschool network. Vme Kids speaks to the heart of Vme’s mission by combining the world’s best curriculum-based children’s shows in a fun learning environment to help equip children with the tools they need to build a life-long love for learning.

Returning Hits

Returning this fall, Vme presents a complete line-up of its extensive original top-quality programming in all genres including: Pase VIP, covering entertainment news; En Pantalla highlighting the latest news, reviews and interviews from the world of movies; TuBeBé, Spanish TV’s only show dedicated to parenting; Planeta Feroz, Vme’s exclusive award-winning nature programming franchise; Mi Mascota, for the pets in our lives; Nota Musical , bringing music aficionados the latest music news, reviews, interviews and releases from around the world of Latin music; and Vme Cocina, Spanish TV’s largest daily cooking block bringing the best of international cuisine and giving it a Latin flavor; and interviews on topical issues with today’s most influential guests with Jorge Gestoso.

África de mi Corazón, a family-friendly drama, traces the adventures of a regular clan that has chosen to devote its life to living with and protecting wildlife in Africa; Cuéntame Cómo Pasó, Spain’s smash hit that is akin to The Wonder Years, this long-running series follows the small and large moments of a middle-class family living through the turbulent 60’s and 70’s; Comisario Rex, one of the most popular programs worldwide, is a clever twist on primetime police drama with a brilliant K-9 as the protagonist. Estelares Vme, presenting the world’s most intelligent, relevant and thought-provoking primetime miniseries dramas.

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