VOXXI launches new redesigned site.

VOXXI, an independent news, analysis and commentary with a Hispanic focus, unveiled a new redesigned website this week. The revamped Voxxi.com offers a compelling user experience through a wider range of multimedia content, intuitive navigation and more powerful visual appeal. The site further underlines VOXXI’s role in providing fresh, modern and relevant content from the Latino perspective.

“The redesign of Voxxi.com is an extension of our young and vibrant brand,” said Emilio C. Sanchez, president and editor-in-chief of VOXXI. “It provides a platform to showcase our leading-edge content and improve the overall user experience. Most importantly, the revamped website is intrinsic to our vision as an independent and passionate voice for the U.S. Hispanic community.”

With a simpler, cleaner and visually striking look and feel, Voxxi.com boasts a dynamic homepage slideshow that displays larger images and gives more prominence to videos. This creates an enhanced reading experience and showcases VOXXI’s visual content. In addition to comprehensive navigation features, a modern and refreshed VOXXI logo was also introduced.

Ariel Coro, leading technology expert for Hispanics added, “VOXXI is a real contender in a market that is still being defined. The SEO friendly redesign has responsive features, cleaner navigation, as well as, their recent announcement of adopting the creative commons license, demonstrates that they are a nimble and bold player.”

VOXXI’s sleek and sophisticated design, features new content categories related to Hispanic trends and news, including: “Elections 2012,” “Debates,” “Entrepreneurs,” “Hispanic Small Business,” “Science and Technology” and “Food Buzz.” The Special coverage section includes more robust and comprehensive coverage of the “Dreamers Deferred Action” and features “Face the Facts,” a project of the George Washington School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) that highlights multi-platform content that elevates the tone of the national debate with provocative facts.

In addition to highlighting featured original stories, the new site showcases its award-winning contributors and provocative bloggers. The site also includes improved social media sharing tools to enhance engagement.

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