VRTC unveils new image.

VRTC unveiled a new image giving the agency a facelift. The new branding evokes the simple and personal unique advertising vision. The marque is part of the agency growth and desire to communicate even better among the affluent and transitional bicultural audiences engaging them through diverse online and offline media platforms to establish long lasting and meaningful relationships. VRTC philosophy is based on creating simple yet personal experiences that open the door for people to connect with brands, and then stay connected.

“VRTC new brand transformation involves an evolution of the agency offering our clients integrated services including unique and creative advertising campaigns and social media initiatives” said Eduardo Torres, VRTC President. “The new logo represents the agency strength highlighting the agency vision and innovation with a structure that reflects our simple and personal philosophy”.

VRTC foresees for the year 2013 a stronger growth in the area of California, where the agency has a presence in addition to its strong footprint in Texas. The agency is planning on capitalizing on the already successful social media results generated for leading clients. “It is our philosophy that for our communication to be effective, it must be simple and personal touching the consumer’s five senses with the goal of reaching their hearts”, said Octavio Orozco, co-founder and VP of VRTC.

VRTC integrates the resources of the three offices in Los Angeles, Houston and Guadalajara, México.

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