What if a network undercuts an agency?

   I need the opinion of my Hispanic advertising colleagues.

What would you think of a TV Network going directly to a client of yours – without letting you, the agency, know – to present to them a program that you had already presented to your client?  And presenting it as a less expensive option because the client can get it net from the network?  Of course trying to mess up the client-agency relationship comes as a derivative of this action.

I know, words like “getting screwed” (the agency), “bottom feeder” (the network) come to mind.

It also would blow my mind thinking why don’t they go and ‘wake up’ companies not investing in Hispanic – instead of going after a company that is already investing in Hispanic and that has an agency of record the media should be dealing with.

But tell me if you have had this experience or what you think of it if it were to happen to you/your agency.

Should Hispanic agencies be upset if this happened?  Should AHAA have a word about it towards that network?


By: Enrique R. Turegano

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