What Is TV? [REPORT]

Today, in 2023, what is TV? And, from that answer, what are the implications for marketers? The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)’s newly released report, What Is TV? A Modern Look At How Consumers Define TV, gets to the heart of those two questions, offering a comprehensive look at the TV ecosystem, as well as the impact—and opportunities—for marketers.

“No words in US marketing are due for a more thorough re-understanding from advertisers than ‘2023 TV’. This report gives a comprehensive, simplified and objectively empowering re-definition of what TV has evolved to in its scope and impact,” said Sean Cunningham, President and CEO, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB). “For building brands and building sales, an accurate 2023 TV re-definition also has to include the viewer’s emotional engagement as an obvious outcomes-driver for advertisers while rightly discriminating versus non-TV ad video.”

At its most basic definition, TV is: Professionally-produced, long-form content ( i.e., longer than 20 minutes) with high emotional engagement found in a brand-safe environment regardless of platform or device.

Further, the report, which examines how TV has evolved in recent years, also examines topics including:

  • What is included within TV—from linear TV to connected TV (CTV) to ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOID) to free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and beyond.
  • Why a modern look at how TV is defined is important.
  • What differentiates premium content found on TV in all its forms from user-generated content on digital platforms.
  • How the defining features of TV all add up to an emotionally engaging viewing. experience for audiences that can evoke strong connections to characters or stories and create lifelong fans.
  • The ways in which, from a marketer’s perspective, this all translates to opportunities to reach consumers across TV in all its forms.

To download report, CLICK HERE.


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