When creative awards are considered effectiveness awards.

Yup! Me at it again.

This time regarding all these awards that are out there with the hype and the need for recognition by so many and it means so little to effectively and efficiently moving product in the US Hispanic Market.

In the Hispanic Marketing World, the Creative Award is considered the ultimate award. US Hispanic Agencies submit more entries to the Association of Hispanic Agencies / Ad Age Creative Awards program in our Industry, than any other industry specific awards program.

US Hispanic agencies iseem to be in need of some type of recognition to be able to present their clients with in their credentials and consider this their calling card.

I thought effectiveness and efficiency in delivering results is what matter when you have to move products and services.


But does a creative recognition mean ROI for your client?

Most of the time NO!

The way creative awards are structured, quite differently when compared to effectiveness awards and strategic implementation awards that currently do exist in the US Hispanic Market (the Excelencia Awards by HispanicAd.com).

So, invest in the Creative Awards are for doing ‘something – something’ (using Maxwell’s song) and you might go to Cannes.

So that is it!

Creative is the backbone of our Industry.

So what happened to brand, consumer and media touch-point insight & analysis, planning and implementation to secure that the creative message gets there?


I fault the agency heads and owners for this perception of Creative Awards, since they are the ones that agree or disagree for agency inclusion in any awards program and the value that these awards hold in the agency, (true value and perceived).

I’ll ask one more time, since I cannot accept this construct as the underlying principal of our Industry.

Does winning a creative award reflect the reality of selling products and services for advertisers?

Trust me, I have seen, heard and experienced creative in our Industry that has won awards, gone to Cannes and has not sold ‘Un Carajo’.

We need to promote more aggressively the strategic effectiveness awards in our Industry, these are the way we can demonstrate the viability of our Industry and the competence of our agencies in delivering results.

Not the HispanicAd.com and the Ad Age awads only, but what about the US Hispanic Effies?

Maybe then we have the total spectrum of credentials to sell ourselves.

Gene Bryan – CEO


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