When deliverables DO NOT matter – The US Hispanic Social Media Environment.

  In today’s world of efficiency & effectiveness, along with the increased dependence on procurement at the client & media levels, the US Hispanic Social space is the only frontier in our Industry were the metrics fall short, the expectations are low and Hucksters abound.

There are currently several large media companies with reliable, measurable and effective Social Media programs.  These companies engage more from a Social Media standpoint with the ad agency in delivering for a client’s massive media plan, than from the Public Relations side of the equation that handles Bloggers.

At the beginning of every Industry Movement, until professionals understand that the short-lived benefits of unmeasured & inefficient programs have more consequences than benefits and there is a need to legitimatize their efforts, GROWTH is thwarted.

The US Hispanic Public Relations Industry has embraced social media, since it is the only element in their transaction between the client and consumer where REAL dollars and/or products can be exchanged.  Even though minimal, it is a currency for the industry and they cherish the transaction.

What would be a clear cut reason for an ad agency to dismiss presenting a media plan to a client based on the lack of metrics or deliverables, in the US Hispanic Social and PR Industry these small immeasurable ideas are looked upon as a unique, creative, massive and a ingenious way to engage US Hispanic Consumers.

Expectations are low ………  Why?

– Too many small and immeasurable bloggers?

– Don’t shoot too high; are we going to fall short?

– Clients in the dark, are they good clients?

– In the darkness, Hucksters abound…..

It is truly a laughable moment, when you see magazines, websites and others news sources put forth their Top list of Hispanic Bloggers.

Where are they getting their research, who are they asking?

What metrics are being used in the validation process?

How are these individuals chosen by how cool they look, the Spanglish ideas they promote, they have a goatee, their political slant?

Who is supplying the counsel for these media companies creating the Top Lists of Bloggers?  Are the people being listed the source?

Definitively is not for their deliverable in the majority of cases.

So it’s a Social Club.

Then it is not a business … lack of credibility is a key factor.

There will be a lot more of these lists coming out highlighting these individuals, but maybe the Industry will require there to be credible validation process.

Just based on credibility…. Clients beware. Blogger beware.

We will not analyze any Social Media program created by any company, agency or consultants at this time, but the Bloggers need to enjoy the benefits of their efforts and receive more commensurate compensation than what is being offered.  If your not paying them, it is because they do not offer you a metric that you can turn into a currency.  I know for a fact, there are a couple of Bloggers that command 80% of the deliverable, but do not enjoy 80% of the dollars in the environment.  That does not work either.  If they earned it, pay them.

Bloggers understand that someone in the transaction with you is making money.

I can only request one thing.  The US Hispanic PR Industry must put their house in order.

Demand accountability.  You deserve it; your client’s demand it.  Maybe then you will get the respect for your efforts and be able to command a REAL currency.

Eugenio (Gene) Bryan

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