Is the word Multicultural a real marketing term or a sales strategy for the few?

     The term Multicultural was created to lump the marketing to African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual (GLBT) market all into one cozy, neat, and siloed bucket by mainstream advertisers.  Or the Multicultural Bucket.

There a more differences between the above mention demographic groups than there are similarities, so to throwing them into one bucket seems absurd.

But, there have been many ad executives that have gravitated to the term for obvious business reasons.  Many ad agencies on the Hispanic side of the business, went with the flow and did not challenging the idea of a Multicultural Bucket.  Results have been devastating to some.

There a some agencies that state they are all of the above segments and can do all.  You also have Hispanic agencies that state they can be Multicultural.

Can they or can we?

The Hispanic contributions to the Multicultural Bucket represent the majority of the ad dollars and the ROI.

The majority of the CMOs that manage the Multicultural Bucket are not Hispanic, most Multicultural Marketing Managers are also not Hispanic.  But the majority of the efforts, strategy and dollars are to target Hispanics.

When and why did we lose the control of the largest portion of the Multicultural Bucket or the bucket itself?

Gene Bryan

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