Would you choose George Lopez or Marc Anthony & Gloria to sell products & services to Latinos?

Have you watched the PBS program “Brown is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream”?

Well you better. It is an open attack on what we do … Marketing to US Hispanics.

Check you local listings.

Excepts from the PR release by PBS to promote the program:

“The striking new documentary from filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez features the extraordinary insight and observations of Latino icon and advocate George Lopez through rare behind-the-scenes access to the actor/comedian’s remarkable life and career.

Americans are in a collective state of confusion about Latinos. In Brown is the New Green, Rodriguez argues that Latino image is stage-managed by marketers and media companies. Mainstream media have largely ignored them, while Spanish-language networks and Hispanic ad companies have served up an exoticized image that has no basis in contemporary American reality.

While Lopez advocates Latinos’ move into the media mainstream, Hispanic marketers have a different agenda: to present Latinos as a separate America. Whether their target audience is elderly immigrants or predominantly English-speaking youth, these Hispanic marketers are pursuing Latino dollars via the myth of cultural otherness. Brown is the New Green reveals clips of their programming – from “folkloric” commercials to cheesy Latin American soap operas to butt-shakin’ bicultural videos.”

Key US Hispanic Market industry executives are on the program presenting our side of the marketing to US Hispanics point of view. But as you would expect, that was not the point the filmmaker wanted to explore openly and fairly.

Obviously the debate of language, cultura and inclusion in American society is the debate for the future of our Industry. The success of all the TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, outdoor, internet and promotions in our Industry cannot be overlooked and dispelled by a comedian.

It is the hot topic to contend with going forward. Sharpen you sales strategy ideas and beef up your digital presentations. Your going to need it.

One though comes to mind that was brought forth by Tony Ruiz at The Vidal Partnership in answering another attack on strategies and the industry that holds true about everything we do as an Industry and I quote:

“I aspire to be paid to move, impact, engage, and persuade U.S. Hispanics. A deeper vision and understanding is required. “ Probably good advise for Mr. Lopez, since we are a diverse non-homogenous Hispanic society that does not fit into the little box he is trying to present.

So as the title of this article states “Would you choose George Lopez or Marc Anthony & Gloria to sell products & services to Latinos?”

Let me give you a “contemporary American reality” answer:

George Lopez cannot fill the Madison Square Garden or any other major Hispanic market arena besides a medium sized theatre, but Marc Anthony, Gloria, Ricky, Los Tigres, etc can …. mostly in Spanish and in culture.

We all know who a skilled mainstream marketing executive would choose based on key insights on how to move products and services targeting US Hispanics.

Marc Anthony, Gloria and other besides George Lopez. Predominately en Español, where necessary in English and in culture.

By Gene Bryan

Your input is appreciated at mailto:george-pbs@hispanicad.com

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