Would you like your agency grilled, baked or procured?

      By Joe Zubizarreta / Zubi Advertising.

Webster Dictionary’s definition of procurement is “the act of obtaining military supplies by a government.” So it seems that over the past few years, clients have become governments and we are military supplies. If I have to be a military supply, I want to be an F-16 jet fighter.  I would be very expensive, very powerful and very attractive to any government.  So maybe we should change our name to F-16.  Hell, if agencies like Mother and Naked can make it big, imagine the look in the procurement department’s eye’s when they are scrolling through a long list of potential “military supplies” and see they can buy an F-16.  It’s a new business no brainer.

Having established the lunacy of choosing agencies like governments choose military supplies, the next question is, “why are we letting this happen?” Especially since governments are notorious for over paying for all supplies (the classic $600 screwdriver). I know there are some agencies out there that refuse to participate in reviews that are conducted by procurement departments and I tip my hat to them for standing strong.

I think the AAAA and AHAA should put a stake in the ground and demand that agencies have access to marketing departments in every stage of the review process.  Procurement should get involved when the finalists are selected and it’s time to work out the compensation package.  At least by then, the finalists will have a sense that they can win this account and determine how low they are willing to drop their pants to get it.

By Joe Zubizarreta / Zubi Advertising.
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