Xoom announces sponsorship of Peruvian Olympic Team for London Games.

Xoom Corporation announced today that it has become an official sponsor of the Peruvian Olympic team for the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games, which will run from July 27 through Aug 12, 2012. Xoom is kicking off its sponsorship with a corporate donation to support the Peruvian Olympic team, and will donate an additional dollar for every transaction sent to Peru using Xoom.com in the month of July. Xoom is also promoting quick and easy grassroots giving through its money transfer website and helping Peruvians in the U.S. make direct no-fee donations to their team through Aug 31.

“We are extremely excited to sponsor the Peruvian Olympic team in the London games. Peru is one of our top remittance markets, and we are proud to showcase the team’s remarkable efforts to the Peruvian community in the U.S.,” said John Kunze, President and CEO of Xoom Corporation. “We chose Peru because, while facing many difficulties, the Peruvian Olympic team has the spirit, determination and perseverance needed to compete against larger, better-funded teams. This is the same spirit, determination and perseverance we see every day in our customers who work hard to send money home and to succeed in this country.”

“We are truly pleased to have the support of Xoom. We are glad to see this U.S. company make such a big deal out of the Peruvian Olympic team. We are a small team, with a big heart, and Xoom definitely recognizes that,” said Ivan Dibós, Member of the International Olympic Committee and Peruvian Olympic Committee. “Partnering with Xoom was a good choice because they are helping us connect with Peruvians in the U.S. and through this connection, encouraging them to feel proud of their team. I can tell you that our athletic heroes love their country very much and go through incredible sacrifices for Peru. For them to have Peruvians, who are thousands of kilometers away from their country cheer them on and stay up to date with their performances, is a sacred honor that keeps their heart going during those times in competition when their body says no more.”

The 16 athletes selected will represent Peru in athletics, badminton, judo, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming and taekwondo. High-profile team members include swimmer Mauricio Fiol, rower Victor Aspíllaga, taekwondo fighter Peter López and marathon runners Inés Melchor and Gladys Tejeda. Ms. Melchor, in particular, is known for her growing fan base thanks to a series of strong showings at major distance races such as the 2012 Seoul International Marathon in March.

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