You have got to be kidding.

  We received very positive feedback on our post about last week’s Hispanicize  – – Social Media EXPO event from executives we did not expect to hear from regarding this conference and we hope that the event continues to improve and calibrates its messaging on the Social Media discipline in our Industry. CLICK HERE to read. We found an stunning quote in the article written regarding last week’s Hispanicize a Social Media EXPO and we quote …. “A Hispanic advertising agency executive who wished to remain anonymous went even further: “We’ve been wrong all along,” he said. “We could have saved all this money on mass media, and instead put it on these bloggers… they’re the ones (only) with the pulse on our market.” (source: Univision Tumblr) ¿Que fue?  Why remain anonymous if you believe in what you said? It is like saying radio is the one (only) with the pulse on our market … because they do van visits and do remotes. Newspapers and magazines are the ones (only) with the pulse on our market … because they have reporters and photographers covering their beats. The Internet portals are the ones (only) with the pulse on our market … because … Mr. Hispanic Ad Agency executive, cancel your traditional mass media Spanish-language media and see your client’s sales plummet and your job security put at risk. Social media and bloggers are not a replacement for strategic traditional advertising efforts, they are in addition or complement for the most part. In the US Hispanic Market, if you add ALL of the Hispanic focused bloggers do they even offer enough critical mass with their followers through their “authentic and transparent” (Buzz Words, but you have to laugh at the use of these words) engagement efforts that equal half of a rating point on Spanish-Language television between 12 midnight and 1 am? The Media Mix concept is inclusive of Social Media and Bloggers, as it is of traditional and digital media. It should not be one or the other, all touch points with the consumer are important and contribute to the “authentic and transparent” persuasion process.Current Social Media efforts are a meaningless fraction in today’s $5 Billion+ US Hispanic Market advertising pie.  Hopefully they will get bigger, but more critical mass MUST be delivered with less hype and over selling by the social media pundits. I know that for many in the US Hispanic PR side of the business, the Social Media quandary is looked upon as a opportunity to handle media budgets just like ad agencies and buying services do and/or garner fees for managing programs.  All very enticing and I get that. If you are going to create effective and efficient strategies that include digital and social platforms, the conversation needs to be more strategic and CREDIBLE. Do not sell the “All in one Basket Option” your basket might just be a thimble. Suerte. Eugenio (Gene) Bryan CEO HispanicAD.comserving the US Hispanic advertising, marketing & media professional Hispanic Chief Marketing Officers exchanging ideas HispanicPRpro.comserving the Hispanic Public Relations professional — insight for reaching Hispanics — Thought Leadership for the US Hispanic Ad, Marketing, Media and PR pros

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