Youth Orchestra Of The Americas Launches International Tour.

The Youth Orchestra of the Americas is tuning up to strike a common chord across North, South and Central America. In the first musical undertaking of its kind to unite the countries of the Americas, 115 gifted young musicians from 20 nations throughout the Western Hemisphere take to the stage July 25 for the inaugural performance of the orchestra’s three-week, seven-country tour.

The Youth Orchestras of the Americas (YOA) provides a unique opportunity for outstanding young musicians to rehearse and perform under the baton of leading conductors and the guidance of distinguished artists.

Led by Placido Domingo as Artistic Advisor; the President of the United States and Mrs. Laura Bush as honorary chairmen of the YOA Presidential Partners; and the Honorable Madeleine K. Albright as chairman of the Leadership Council, this multicultural youth orchestra is guided towards musical excellence by renowned soloists and conductors such as Yo-Yo Ma, cellist; Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra; Leonard Slatkin, music director of the National Symphony Orchestra; Carlos Miguel Prieto, music conductor of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra in Mexico; Jorge Frederico Osorio, pianist; and Horacio Lavandera, pianist.

“We need the Youth Orchestra of the Americas now more than ever because it is a powerful way to build bridges between cultures and promote musical artistry at the highest level,” said Placido Domingo. “What better way to connect with people than through the common language of music? Members of the Orchestra will be our future leaders – in music and beyond.”

The 2002 Tour

The YOA performs its first public concert under the baton of Benjamin Zander, following an intense three-week rehearsal period hosted by New England Conservatory.

“When brought together from all parts of the Americas, these young musicians have the tremendous opportunity to learn and develop as artists and as human beings,” said Zander. “It is thrilling to witness the fusion and sparks of enlightenment that occur when young musicians from such diverse backgrounds make music together. They inspire each other to extraordinary heights.”

Following the Boston concert, the YOA will perform two other U.S. concerts before embarking on a tour through Mexico, Central and South America. As the orchestra performs in each country, they will be involved in a variety of activities reaching out to a broad cross-section of people from other young musicians to seasoned artists to businessmen and diplomats, from audiences in favelas to world-renowned concert halls.

The YOA public concerts include:

— July 25th Concert in Boston, Mass., with Benjamin Zander, conductor, Horacio Lavandera, pianist

— July 26th Concert in Worcester, Mass., with Gustavo Dudamel, conductor, Daniel Lee, cellist

— July 30th Concert at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Va., with Leonard Slatkin and Benjamin Zander, conductors, Yo-Yo Ma, cellist

— July 31st Concert in Mexico City, Mexico, with Christopher Wilkins, conductor

— August 1st Concert in Mexico City, Mexico, with Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor, Jorge Frederico Osorio, pianist

— August 3rd Concert in San Jose, Costa Rica, with Carlos Miguel Prieto and Marvin Araya, conductors

— August 6th Concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Benjamin Zander, conductor, Horacio Lavandera, pianist

— August 8th Concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Benjamin Zander, conductor, Horacio Lavandera, pianist

— August 11th Concert in Santiago, Chile, with Gustavo Dudamel, conductor

— August 13th Concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Christopher Wilkins, conductor, Horacio Lavandera, pianist

— August 15th Concert in Caracas, Venezuela, with Gustavo Dudamel and Christopher Wilkins, conductors

— August 16th Concert in Caracas, Venezuela, with Gustavo Dudamel and Christopher Wilkins, conductors

Harmony Through the Arts

The YOA provides a unique multicultural and musical opportunity for the finest young musicians from all over the Western Hemisphere and demonstrates a unified commitment to promote the highest standards in youth education, musical training and cultural interaction. The YOA enables young artists to celebrate music and embrace the diversity and beliefs from the rich cultures of their neighboring continents.

“Music is an interactive language that draws performers and audiences together like no other art form,” said 14-time Grammy Award winner, Yo-Yo Ma. “Using music as a tool of international communication and good will, the Youth Orchestra of the Americas will enable talented young musicians to explore and share their cultures while pursuing their love of music.”

Each year, young musicians from across the Western Hemisphere will be selected through the international audition process to train, rehearse, and tour with this multicultural institution.

Each member of the youth orchestra, young musicians primarily from the ages of 14-24, receives a full scholarship including travel, accommodations and other expenses as well as an opportunity to study under some of the most respected and influential artists and cultural leaders in the world.

Deutsche Bank’s Private Wealth Management Latin America Group and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation provide the official sponsorship of the YOA inaugural tour.

Led by Debra McKeon, YOA managing director & CEO, YOA was founded by New England Conservatory, recognized internationally as a leader among music schools, and Vision, Inc., a nonprofit organization comprised of Latin American leaders that is dedicated to the promotion of intercultural relations within the Americas.

The YOA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing unique opportunities to strengthen the ties between continents of the Americas, particularly among youth, and to highlight the value of music education and cultural interaction. More information about the YOA, including information on 2003 auditions, is available by visiting their web site at

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