Zubination takes down controversial blog post of ‘Gringo Mask’.

   The new Arizona law that was passed recently that allows the police to question the national origin of an individual is a very difficult issue to address openly in social and traditional media, due to the opposing views on the issue.  A very divisive topic.

Compound that even further to address this issue in marketing terms and its impact on the industry.

Coral Gables based Zubi Advertising posted a piece on their blog “Gringo Mask” that proposed that Mexican or other immigrants  use cut-out pictures that the agency offered of a Gringos (basically white people) and wearing it to deceive the police.

The agency placed a mayor push on their employees to get the message out of their view on the Arizona Law and their blog post.  They were all caught up in the furor of the moment and the negative sentiment against the new law in Arizona.

We were approached aggressively at HispanicAd.com by a Zubi Advertising executive to run the piece on our platforms due to our reach.

To offer full disclose we ran a piece several weeks ago by New York based Adrenalina on the fact that the Hispanic employees were attending an event with t-shirts that had “I look Illegal” spray painted on the t-shirts to show their support against the law.

Why did we run one versus the other?  Good Question.  Maybe it was because we had trouble with the tone and imagery that the Zubination post offered that did not elevate the conversation from a marketing standpoint.

According to other trade journal (Ad Age and Produ), along with the obvious removal of any reference of the post on Zubination, indicates that the idea, the messaging and probably the push could have rubbed someone of importance to the agency and/or a client the wrong way.

A word to the wise in the advertising, marketing and media worlds.  If you are going to blog understand the advantages, better yet understand the DISADVANTAGES.

Any thoughts?

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