A surprising 81% of U.S. Chief Executive Officers say their existing crisis management plans were inadequate to handle

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription drugs helps patients more actively participate in their health
care, which increases the likelihood that they follow their treatment regimen, according to a study conducted by RxRemedy, Inc. and released by Pfizer Inc.

Approximately 200 community leaders will gather in Philadelphia in February to discuss ways to promote economic growth in America's inner cities through entrepreneurship and business incubation.

While media and public attention are focused on the 2.9 million net jobs that have been lost in nine job sectors since September 2000, the U.S.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) announced a major new partnership with Allstate Insurance Company.

This holiday season, a nationwide campaign is calling on Americans to do more than use a designated driver; it's also giving Americans a first-of-its-kind opportunity to thank the special people in their lives who volunteer as designated drivers.

The San Jose Group recently won an Award of Excellence in The Communicator Awards competition for its radio campaign for Herdez. The campaign, consisting of three radio commercials, focuses on Herdez's salsa, sauces and moles.

Macedo & Associates has been selected by the Southern California Ford Dealers Advertising Association as its agency of record for Hispanic targeted advertising. The agency will handle all Spanish language advertising for the 114 dealer association.

People reporting more than one race in Census 2000 were more likely to be under 18 than those reporting only one race 42 percent compared with 25 percent, a new analysis released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau shows.

In a comprehensive collection of county by county data and statewide trends, a new report details a conclusive, systematic connection between California children's success or failure in school and the economic security, health, safety and early care foundation which underlies it.

quepasa.com, Inc. announced that it received a decision of the American Arbitration Association in the arbitration proceeding it initiated against Telemundo Network Group LLC (Telemundo) in February 2001. In accordance with the

Approximately 22 million teens in the United States, including more than two million in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, are at a higher risk than ever for sexually transmitted diseases, cardiovascular problems, stress related disorders and other issues effecting their health, well being an

Interep recently compiled a research review and brand analysis on the benefits of maintaining or increasing advertising spending during periods of recession, entitled “The Power of Advertising Through Recessions: From Oxydol to Dell.”

Daniel Gutierrez & Associates, an Anaheim, CA-based management consulting firm, announced that it will present "Imagine 2002," a motivational speakers forum targeting U.S. Latinos.

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. announced that it is organizing a benefit concert, featuring the top names in the Latin music industry, to take place on Sunday, December 9th, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.