As consumers engage with brands in more and more places, customer experience is now just as important as perceptions of innovation for growing your brand. Those brands delivering on and exceeding consumer’s expectations have grown their brand value 200% more than those that haven’t!

The CMO position is easily one of the most scrutinized roles in the C-suite. Often tasked with building a memorable brand, managing the company's reputation, and deploying marketing strategies that tie back to measurable success, CMOs have a lot of responsibility. Jessica Rodriguez, president and COO, Univision Networks and Univision CMO, recently joined an Advertising Week panel that covered the current state of trust in advertising.  By A.Z. Porte

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Last week, HSBC Bank confirmed that someone hacked its customer data. These kinds of incidents continue to frequently pop up in the news and are emblematic of what stresses CMOs in a data-driven world.

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) announced the launch of a new initiative designed to fuel business growth by helping marketers create purpose-driven, strategic programs and solutions for their products and services.

The Department of Justice has informed five ad holding companies that it is no longer investigating any of their subsidiaries as part of a probe into commercial production practices and possible bid-rigging that began in 2016.

The advertiser community needs help dealing with the vast quantities of data generated not only from third parties (like social media platforms and the audience measurement organizations) but also from their own first-party data-sets.  It’s one reason why advertisers are increasingly taking what used to be perceived as media agency tasks in-house.

The transparency debate and distrust between advertisers and media buying agencies has been a topic in C-suites since Jon Mandel's 2015 speech at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) annual media conference, yet ANA's work on transparency dates back to at least 2011. Interest took a new, unprecedented turn on October 10, 2018 when the ANA notified its members that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asked the ANA to inform its members about the investigation and to ask its members to consider cooperating with the FBI investigation if they believed they might have been defrauded by their agencies.

It’s been almost two years since Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, told the digital advertising industry to clean up its act. The e, currently the world’s second largest CPG company, was tired of what he perceived as massive waste in the digital advertising supply chain. He was referring to the lack of transparency between advertisers and digital agencies and the alphabet soup of ad-tech players that created complexity without always clearly defining value.


ANA celebrates 20 Years of Multicultural and Diversity Conferences

When P&G makes it known that this iconic house of brands stands for both Profits & Growth and Purpose & Good, marketers pay attention. It’s no surprise that this quote by P&G CMO Marc Pritchard is being retweeted, reposted and restated as a validating proof point in support of an industry discipline that has been given short shrift: “If you’re not doing multicultural marketing, you’re not doing marketing.”  By Rochelle Newman-Carrasco - EVP, Hispanic Strategy Walton Isaacson

Companies around the world are becoming more proactive in their sustainability approaches and marketing efforts. It’s not just consumers leading the way to sustainability, but companies are using their influence to lead consumers to sustainability as well.

How do we go about adopting healthy client/agency practices and relations to get budget fit? Once you get there, how do you stay budget fit? Let's explore best practices to make this a successful, sustainable process.

The Hispanic population in the U.S. continues to grow, especially among the younger cohorts. Over one-quarter of kids 6-11 are Hispanic, with 24% in the 12- 17 and 18-34 cohorts. Hispanics make up 17.6% of the total 6+ population in the United States.

Alliance for Inclusive & Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) has already begun to transform into a more inclusive, diverse,and proactive platform.  Download the recently released study “Case for Change: Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing” as a Business Imperative for Long-Term Growth to help marketers better understand the importance of prioritizing multicultural and inclusive consumers in order to maximize overall corporate growth.  Discover how to implement AIMM’s five point plan into your company’s overall marketing plan.

If your company's employee roster doesn't reflect the multicultural audience it seeks, does it truly understand that audience, respect it, and want it? That's the subject of the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, in which RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson tackles "The Case For Change" -- and how it could lead your company to not only change the format of a struggling radio station to one of interest to Latinos, but also lead your company to fully embrace the "new American mainstream."