While summer is still winding down, advertisers are shifting focus to executing holiday media plans. This season is typically the most important time of year for many businesses, yet early data expects this year’s retail sales to decline amidst the ongoing upheaval from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), along with the challenges of digital disruption overall.

As if three simultaneous pandemics (a health-related, the social tension of racism and inequality and the global economic recession) weren’t enough, over the last ten years or so, our industry has gone through a “pandemic“ of its own. This “virus” has affected mainly multicultural marketing and branding, and ultimately, companies who have suffered from sales, their share of the market, and other KPI’s declines. It is known as “Total Market” and it’s both dangerous and damaging! The main symptoms are indifference, lethargy, laziness, shortsightedness or even blurry vision, which results in overall brand weakness and connection fatigue.  By Luis Miguel Messianu Founder-Creative Chairman-CEO at Alma

In the second quarter of 2020, based on MAGNA’s analysis of media owners financials, advertising revenues dropped by -17% to $46bn.

Traditional brands can learn a few lessons from the DTC sector

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, produced in partnership with Cision, published a new report - Bridging the Gap for Comms & Marketing: Building Cohesion in the Age of Customer Disruption. The new report details the best practices and technologies for overcoming the challenges that brand leaders face when aligning marketing and comms teams.

The greatest shift may be in how the buy side and sell side interact. Sellers of premium inventory have historically owned something very valuable that advertisers needed: eyeballs. And they still do. But now, that is not enough. There is greater onus on the sell side to deliver on a product or service that appeals to cautious and under-funded advertisers and agencies. This is where things get interesting.

Marketing firm Pinta will support Dr. Seuss Enterprises within the Latinx market in the U.S. with a robust program inclusive of advertising, digital, influencer and PR. The expansion within the Latinx market is the latest move by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, as they continue to recognize the significance of reaching these consumers, while furthering its presence on a global scale.  

To unleash the true power of purpose, it needs to be fully activated and continuously measured

This week most of America is celebrating the beginning of the NFL season… I am still thinking about Superbowl LIV.  I attended to witness the Pepsi half time show.. well beyond the JLo/Shakira athleticism and intoxicating performance; I was there to celebrate the culmination of a business decision that took place 2 years before.  By Ana Ceppi

Seven best practices for getting the most out of today’s addressable, multi-everything mediascape

The long-awaited kiss can be widely seen in outdoor and print advertising as well as in Burger King’s own channels and restaurants around Finland during Helsinki Pride Week.

Sometimes when you finish writing an article, you may struggle a bit to find a catchy headline. You look for something that could immediately break through the clutter, maybe something with a sense of humor, sometimes a breaking news approach. However, that’s not the case for this article. Sorry, but this time I went with a direct headline. Why? Because I believe it is crucial to address this topic in a very straightforward manner.  By Isaac Mizrahi -  Co-President of ALMA

In 2019, Bridgeway Community Church created and published this inspiring video about “I am from” written by Juan Delgado.  The interesting part, is that if you are from Puerto Rico love fills your heart and a tear comes to your eye.  Now, with that said imaging this video created for every Spanish speaking country of the Americas.  That’s how complex we are as Hispanics in the USA,  It is 2020 and it resonates and there is a lesson for marketers and ad agencies.  HIRE AN EXPERT.

Allow me to state the obvious: 2020 has been – and continues to be – messy for many retailers and those who support them. In addition to worrying about the fundamental health and safety of our employees, families and loved ones, the pandemic has tested our abilities to adjust, adapt, reimagine… and survive in real time. On-premise businesses have become highly creative in how they sell, what they sell and to whom they sell.

HispanicAd.com in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2020 Hispanic Market Overview - titled “The Reopening of Hispanic Marketing”