Many have speculated as to how Hispanic online search behavior differs or is similar to that of non-Hispanic Whites. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject. Results often fall victim to the same issue, that respondents tend to tell researchers what they think we want to hear. But what we’re looking for is a better understanding of what these cohorts really do while searching online.

ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Theorist, Inc, took top honors at the inaugural ANA In-House Excellence Awards ceremony, in which nine other in-house shops were awarded grand prizes in separate categories.

Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales, data and technology company, announced the availability of its Total TV Measurement solution for advertisers and agencies.

Nielsen announced that it will take the lead on an “Impressions First Initiative” to support an industrywide move to impressions-based buying and selling in local markets across the U.S.

Enrique Dussan has passed in Austin, TX on September 11, 2021, he was a gentle, intelligent and media planning executive in our Industry.  Mr. Dussan, a veteran media planning executive of our industry, worked for Marca in Miami, Republica and Wing / GreyGlobal Group.  He also played a role as a judge in our HispanicAd Media Planning Awards.

Some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies have played a central role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rise and proliferation of Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) services is the most transformative media and entertainment development in recent years. SVOD has changed how people consume and purchase content and how studios and producers pursue monetizing that content. Beyond that, it continues to force advertisers to find ways to reach viewers who have abandoned the linear channels.

Joseph Jaffe is an author, CEO, futurist, disruptor, and now, a late-night talk show host. During the pandemic, he launched "Corona TV" to give himself — and the marketing world — something to do. Now, over 150 episodes later, the newly rebranded "Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous" is a show about hope, positivity, optimism, and, if there's time for it, marketing. This jack of all trades discussed the creator economy, streaming, cryptocurrency, diversity, and more in a special two-part series of the Futures Podcast.

In the latest of our regular series of expert webinars, Ebiquity’s Global CEO, Nick Waters, hosted leading media industry analyst, Ian Whittaker, to set out what he believes will be the priorities and challenges for brands, media, and advertising in the coming months.

The study, “My Voice Matters: Linking Inclusion to Business Growth,” investigated levels of inclusion when making business decisions, determining career progression and growth, and evaluating a sense of belonging within the industry. The report queried respondents in three key areas linked to business performance: My Voice in the Room, My Voice in the Company, and My Voice in the Industry.

The figures are out from the latest U.S. Census, and it’s clear Latinos drove population growth in the U.S., having increased from 50.5 million in 2010 to 62.1 million people in 2020. That accounts for 51.1% of the overall population growth of 22.7 million.By contrast, the general population in the U.S. only grew by 7.4% during the same period.  By Karla Fernandez Parker in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2021 Hispanic Content, Data & Social Report.  A comprehensive look at the importance of understand, analyzing and usage of data to make effective and efficient marketing decision to reach US Hispanic Consumers.

Over the past few years—and especially in 2020—marketers have had to be increasingly flexible and agile to meet ever-changing consumer demands. In this year’s Nielsen 2021 Annual Marketing Report, we found that marketers across several industries, including technology, travel and tourism, retail and financial services, had to adjust the mix of their marketing spend by as much as 59% in 2020 to adapt to the pandemic. As consumer preferences changed, it created a domino effect that affected business priorities and budgets. To keep pace, marketers had to be creative to activate campaigns with less.

Forty-four percent of U.S. Latinos have never listened to a podcast and 20% have not listened to a podcast in the last month, but a new study finds that 67% of U.S. Latinos who don’t listen to podcasts already listen to spoken word audio.

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Kalil Vicioso, founder of Tiny Hat Consulting, explores the intersectionality of sensory research, social media, and search and how they help marketers build cultural intelligence.